16 - Health & Wholeness, Part 2 with Valerie Hubbard, School Counselor

December 19, 2019
"Parents and I are able to collaborate so that I become a bridge between school and home. And so when their babies are with me, parents can trust their voices are heard even in that space." - Valerie Hubbard, PLPC
In Episode 16, we continue to show our commitment to educating the "whole child" as we consider students' physical, social-emotional, and spiritual well-being. Here in Part 2 of "Health and Wholeness," you'll learn about Mrs. Hubbard's transition from working as a family therapist to starting a counseling ministry at a church to serving as the School Counselor at Central Christian School. Mrs. Hubbard's passion is for the entire family, and she thrives when she's in partnership with parents while intervening with students.

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