21 | Racism, Part 2 “How We’re Pushing Against Racism at Central Christian School” with Christan Perona and Paya Sample

June 13, 2020

In Episode 21, incoming Head, Christan Perona and Principal, Paya Sample, continue our two-part dialogue on racism. 

By examining how Central Christian School has intentionally tried to foster an environment where different voices are honored and all image-bearers of God are deeply valued, this conversation launches us into one of hope. We must not only celebrate our racial diversity but seek for ways to forever steward this gift from God. From curriculum to admissions to hiring to professional development to conversations with alumni and much more, Mrs. Sample and Mrs. Perona share ways we desire to bravely self-reflect and glorify God by pushing against racism.

(Recorded in Zoom, the video version of this conversation can be seen on our YouTube channel.)

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