22| Preparing for the Election with Trillia Newbell and John Inazu

September 21, 2020

HOW CAN CHRISTIANS TODAY INTERACT with others in a way that shows respect to those whose beliefs are radically different, both inside and outside of the church? Head of School Christan Perona moderates a discussion between John Inazu, co-editor of Uncommon Ground and Trillia Newbell, contributing writer and Acquisitions Editor at Moody Publishers, to answer this very question.

Together, John and Trillia:
-- Help us think about how to engage others despite differences
-- Lay a practical framework for healthy engagement as we consider the 2020 Presidential election
-- Move us towards healthy conversation regarding other issues; COVID-19, racial tension, and current conflicts
-- Challenge us toward mature discipleship that's manifested through humility, patience, and tolerance
-- Empower us to lead others outside of our school in our various spheres of influence (work, church, communities,
extended families)

(Recorded in Zoom, the video version of this conversation can be seen on ourĀ YouTube channel.)

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Uncommon Ground, co-edited by John Inazu and Tim Keller
Confident Pluralism by John Inazu
God's Very Good Idea by Trillia Newbell
Other books by Trillia Newbell

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