20 | Racism, Part 1 “How to Talk to Your Kids about Racism and our Nation’s Current Anguish” with Rev. Ben Tzeng and Mr. Terry Brock

June 4, 2020

In Episode 20, we’re looking at how to respond to our nation’s current events in our homes. How can we dialogue with our children about the death of George Floyd and the anguish that has poured out from people's hearts and is now being displayed nightly in cities across the nation and globe? How can we talk with our sons and daughters about racism, injustice, and fear? It’s a heavy topic, but at Central, we don’t shy away from hard things. We know we’re called, as educators and parents, to guide this next generation of Christians, leaders, and change-agents for Jesus Christ.

Some parents are openly dialoguing with their kids about our current times and what we're seeing on the news. Some are not. And others want to have the conversation, but don’t know how to start it. Preschool and elementary children are in that formidable stage of child development, where their sense of morality and their worldviews are being shaped. Some child psychologists say that racism still exists today because parents avoid these difficult conversations, and so we want to empower you to start the conversation, respond to your child’s questions, and keep the dialogue alive within your families moving forward.

Our guests in Episode 20 are two dads within our parent community. Rev. Ben Tzeng is the Pastor of Discipleship at Central Presbyterian Church and also serves on our school board. Mr. Terry Brock has also been in ministry and is currently part of our CCS Dads Bible Study which meets on Tuesday mornings. Both men have three children at Central Christian School. We're grateful for Ben and Terry for sharing their perspectives, immersing us in the Word of God, and motivating us toward change.

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